Increases natural energy levels

Augments red blood cell production

Helps regulate sleep, mood and appetite cycles

Boosts immune system

B12 is best for athletes and those who partake in high intensity work out regimes and need extra energy, as well as individuals with low B12 intake such as vegans. B12 can also be very beneficial for those seeking an extra energy boost to grind through a writing session, business meeting, film showing or any other physically or mentally exhausting endeavor. B12 can also be used to combat the effects of jet-lag, bus lag, or fatigue from many sources such as a hangover.

We recommend receiving B12 at the beginning of your busy week or just prior to the kick off of an intense weekend tour run.

B12 works by converting carbohydrates into glucose in the body. This results in a decrease of fatigue and an increase in energy production. At revIVe, we administer our B12 via intramuscular injection as research has shown that the effects are greater and longer lasting when given IM as opposed to IV.